Popular Spanish Verbs

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Abandonarto abandon, to leave
Abrirto open
Acabarto finish, to end, to complete
Aceptarto accept
Acercarto bring closer
Acompañarto accompany
Aconsejarto advise, to suggest, to counsel
Acordarto agree, to agree on or upon
Acostarto put to bed, to lay down
Actuarto act, to perform
Admirarto admire
Admitirto admit
Adoptarto adopt
Adquirirto acquire, to purchase
Ahorrarto save (money), to spare
Alcanzarto reach, to attain, to achieve, to accomplish
Almorzarto lunch, to eat lunch
Alquilarto rent, to hire
Amarto love
Amenazarto threaten, to menace
Andarto walk, to go, to go around
Anunciarto announce, to advertise
Apagarto turn off, to extinguish
Aparecerto appear
Aplicarto apply
Apoyarto support
Aprenderto learn
Apretarto tighten
Aprovecharto take advantage of
Arreglarto fix, to mend, to arrange
Asegurarto ensure, to secure, to insure
Asistirto assist, to attend
Atenderto attend to, to serve, to tend to
Aumentarto increase, to enlarge
Avanzarto advance, to proceed, to move
Averiguarto find out, to ascertain
Ayudarto help, to assist
Bailarto dance
Bajarto go down, to lower, to bring down
Beberto drink
Buscarto search (for), to look (for)
Caberto fit
Caerto fall, to fall down
Calentarto warm (up), to heat (up)
Cambiarto change
Caminarto walk
Cancelarto cancel
Cantarto sing
Celebrarto celebrate, to hold (an event), to put on (an event)
Cenarto dine
Cepillarto brush
Cerrarto close, to shut, to lock, to seal
Cocinarto cook
Cogerto take, to catch, to get, to pick
Colocarto place, to locate, to put
Comenzarto start, to commence, to begin
Comerto eat
Compartirto share
Comprarto buy
Comprenderto comprehend, to understand
Comprobarto check, to test
Concluirto conclude
Conducirto drive, to lead, to conduct
Conocerto know (people, places)
Conseguirto get, to obtain
Consentirto consent, to accept, to agree
Conservarto keep, to retain, to conserve
Considerarto consider
Consistirto consist
Consolarto comfort
Consolidarto consolidate
Construirto build, to construct
Consumirto consume
Contactarto contact
Contagiarto transmit, to spread (a virus)
Contarto count, to tell
Contenerto contain, to hold, to include
Contestarto answer, to reply
Continuarto continue
Convertirto convert
Copiarto copy
Corregirto correct, to mend
Correrto run, to race
Corresponderto correspond
Cortarto cut
Coserto sew, to stitch
Costarto cost
Crearto create
Crecerto grow up, to rise, to increase
Creerto believe
Criarto raise, to bring up
Cruzarto cross, to walk across
Cubrirto cover
Cuidarto look after, to care
Cumplirto carry out, to fulfil
Darto give
Darseto give (oneself)
Deberto owe, to must, to should
Decidirto decide
Decirto say, to tell
Dedicarto devote, to dedicate
Defenderto defend
Dejarto leave, to let, to allow
Dejarseto let (oneself), to let oneself go
Demandarto demand
Demostrarto demonstrate, to show, to prove
Dependerto depend
Desaparecerto disappear, to vanish
Desarrollarto develop
Desayunarto have breakfast
Descansarto rest
Descargarto download
Desconectarto disconnect
Describirto describe
Descubrirto discover
Desearto wish, to want, to desire
Despedirto dismiss, to fire (e.g. an employee)
Despertarto wake, to awaken
Detenerto stop, to arrest, to detain
Determinarto determine
Devolverto give back, to return (something)
Dibujarto draw
Dirigirto direct, to lead
Disculparto excuse
Diseñarto design
Disfrutarto enjoy
Disponerto prepare, to get something ready
Divertirto amuse, to entertain
Dividirto divide
Dolerto hurt, to ache, to pain
Dormirto sleep
Ducharto shower (someone), to shower (something)
Dudarto doubt
Echarto throw, to put, to drop,
Educarto educate
Ejercitarto excercise
Elegirto choose, to select, to elect
Emigrarto emigrate
Empeorarto worsen, to deteriorate
Empezarto start, to begin
Emplearto employ, to use
Empujarto push
Encantarto love, to enchant
Encenderto turn on, to switch on, to ignite, to light up
Encontrarto find
Engañarto cheat, to deceive
Enseñarto teach
Entenderto understand
Entrarto enter
Entregarto deliver, to give, to submit
Entrenarto train
Enviarto send
Escalarto climb
Escogerto choose, to pick
Escoltarto escort
Esconderto hide
Escribirto write
Escucharto listen
Esperarto wait, to hope
Establecerto establish
Estacionarto park
Estarto be (temporary)
Estudiarto study
Evacuarto evacuate
Evitarto avoid, to prevent
Examinarto examine
Excluirto exclude
Exigirto require, to demand
Existirto exist
Explicarto explain
Expresarto express, to convey
Fabricarto manufacture, to make
Faltarto lack, to fail, to fall short (of)
Fijarto pin up, to set, to fix
Firmarto sign
Formarto form
Fortalecerto strengthen
Forzarto force
Funcionarto function, to work
Ganarto win, to gain, to earn
Garantizarto guarantee
Gastarto expend
Gestionarto manage
Girarto turn
Gritarto shout, to scream, to yell
Guardarto save, to keep, to guard, to hold
Gustarto like, to be pleased by
Haberto have (auxiliary)
Hablarto speak, to talk
Hacerto do, to make
Hervirto boil
Imaginarto imagine
Implementarto implement
Implicarto implicate, to imply
Imponerto impose
Importarto import, to matter
Imprimirto print
Inclinarto incline
Incluirto include
Indicarto indicate
Infectarto infect
Informarto inform, to report
Inhalarto breathe in, to inhale
Iniciarto start, to initiate
Insistirto insist
Intentarto try, to attempt
Interesarto interest
Irto go
Jugarto play
Juzgarto judge
Lamentarto regret, to lament
Lanzarto throw, to launch
Lavarto wash
Leerto read
Levantarto lift (up), to raise, to pick up
Liderarto lead
Limpiarto clean
Llamarto call
Llegarto arrive, to come, to reach
Llenarto fill
Llevarto carry, to take, to bring, to wear
Llevarseto take (with oneself), to get along with
Llorarto cry
Lograrto achieve, to accomplish, to attain
Lucharto struggle, to fight
Mancharto stain
Mandarto send, to command, to order
Manejarto drive, to manage, to handle, to operate
Mantenerto maintain, to keep
Marcarto mark, to dial
Matarto kill
Medirto measure
Mencionarto mention
Mentirto lie
Merecerto deserve, to merit
Meterto put, to place
Mezclarto mix
Mirarto look, to watch
Molestarto bother, to disturb, to annoy
Montarto mount, to ride
Morirto die, to decease
Mostrarto show
Moverto move (something)
Nacerto be born
Nadarto swim
Necesitarto need
Negarto deny
Negociarto negotiate
Notarto note
Numerarto number
Obligarto force, to bind, to oblige
Observarto observe
Obtenerto get, to obtain
Ocultarto hide
Ocuparto occupy, to concern
Ocurrirto occur, to happen
Odiarto hate, to detest
Ofrecerto offer
Oírto hear
Olerto smell
Olvidarto forget
Organizarto organise, to arrange
Originarto originate
Pagarto pay (for)
Pararto stop
Parecerto seem, to appear, to look like
Partirto split, to depart
Pasarto pass, to happen, to go through
Pedirto ask for, to request, to order (e.g. food)
Pelearto fight, to quarrel, to argue
Peligrarto jeopardize, to be in danger
Pensarto think
Perderto lose
Permitirto allow, to permit
Persistirto persist
Pertenecerto belong
Picarto chop, to string, to bite, to itch
Pintarto paint
Plancharto iron
Planearto plan
Plantarto plant
Poderto be able to
Ponerto put, to place
Ponerseto put on, to place on
Preguntarto ask, to question
Preocuparseto worry, to concern
Presentarto present
Probarto try, to taste, to test, to prove
Probarseto try on (oneself)
Producirto produce
Progresarto progress
Prohibirto ban, to prohibit, to forbid
Pronunciarto pronounce
Provocarto provoke
Quedarto remain, to be left
Quedarseto stay
Quererto want, to love
Realizarto perform, to carry out, to realise
Recibirto receive
Recogerto collect, to pick up
Recomendarto recommend
Reconocerto recognise
Recordarto remember, to recall, to remind
Registrarto register, to record, to search
Reírto laugh
Repetirto repeat
Reservarto reserve, to book
Respirarto breathe
Responderto answer, to respond
Resultarto become, to turn out, to work
Rezarto pray
Robarto steal, to rob
Romperto break
Saberto know (things)
Sacarto take, to get, to take out
Salirto leave, to go out, to get out
Saltarto jump, to skip
Saludarto greet
Secarto dry, to dry off
Seguirto follow, to continue
Seleccionarto select
Sentirto feel, to regret
Serto be (permanent)
Servirto serve
Significarto mean, to signify
Sonreírto smile
Sorprenderto surprise
Subirto go up, to upload, to rise
Sucederto happen
Sufrirto suffer, to sustain
Suponerto suppose, to guess
Surfearto surf
Tardarto delay, to be slow
Temblarto tremble
Temerto fear
Tenerto have
Terminarto end, to terminate, to finish
Tocarto play (an instrument), to touch
Tolerarto tolerate
Tomarto drink, to take
Toserto cough
Trabajarto work
Traducirto translate
Traerto bring, to get, to carry
Transformarto transform
Transportarto transport
Tratarto treat, to try
Utilizarto use, to utilize
Vaciarto empty
Vacunarto vaccinate
Valerto value, to be worth
Venderto sell
Venirto come
Verto see
Vestirto dress, to wear
Viajarto travel
Vivirto live
Volverto return
Votarto vote

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