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Master Spanish Verbs Conjugation

Ella Verbs is focused on helping students from all over the world to learn Spanish verbs. Our personalised quizzing and progress approach means that you focus on what you need to learn and can improve faster.

Learning and Quizzing

We’ve broken down 16 Spanish tenses into 30 levels, each with customised learning and quizzing sections that cover 1,000 of the most common Spanish verbs.

Smart Quizzes

Our smart quizzes learn from your mistakes and help you to focus on what you don’t already know.

Personalised Progress

We keep track of your progress and your daily streak, helping you to stay motivated along the way.

Our Philosophy

Learn, Quiz, Repeat.

We love to learn by first reading over materials, and then testing the retention by quizzing ourselves. It’s been proven that quizzing helps with concentration, identifying gaps in knowledge and long term retention (Roediger & Karpicke, 2006)

This app has turned my most hated task of studying verb conjugation into something fun that I practice every day! The app is clear and easy to use, and I'm already noticing an improvement in my Spanish. The technical support from the team when I had an issue with my subscription was also second to none. Highly recommended!

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